Why Lease an Ice Machine?


Ice machine ownership can sometimes be an expensive endeavor. Ice Machine Ownership comes with unexpected repair bills and costly maintenance. With the Warren Ice Machine Lease Program, one low (tax-deductible) monthly payment assures no additional costs while reliably supplying the ice you need, when you need it, on a daily basis.

With the Warren Partnership Program option, you can progressively upgrade units as your business grows.


  • Units ranging from 30 pounds per day to 30,000 pounds of ice per day.
  • By maintaining a respectable business relationship with all manufactures we are able to provide you with various lines of the simplest, most reliable and easy-to-use commercial
    • Ice Machines
    • Storage Bins
    • Ice Dispensers
    • Water Filtration

Repairs & Maintenance

  • No repair bills
  • No Maintenance bills
  • Warren Ice Machine Lease Program Provides (2) preventative maintenance calls per year on units in normal conditions.
  • Complimentary ice available during repair of a leased ice machine.

Water Filtration

  • Warren Ice Machine Lease Program provides (2) standard water filters per year.

Saves You Time & Money

  • Allows your ice machine to pay for itself, rather than paying you back.
  • Low initial capital expenditure.
  • Enables you to spend your money for more important aspects of your business, rather than buying a machine that is going to decrease in value as time goes on.
  • 100% Tax deductible.
    • Ownership of a piece of equipment triggers depreciation, with leasing, you can deduct your monthly lease payment as an operating expense.
  • Fixed Low Monthly Payments (36 month leases)
    • Knowing in advance what your payments will be enables you to budget and manage your expenses.
  • When it comes time to the renewal of an ice machine lease, you can modify the lease to obtain a different ice machine that is a better fit for your business needs without having to pay high capital for a new ice machine.
  • Installation and Removal Included

Types of applications (not limited to)

  • Business Offices
    • Breakrooms
    • Commissaries / Lunch Room
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Industrial Plants
  • Golf Courses
  • Landscaping Companies
  • Service Companies / Providers
  • Shipping Companies
  • Warehouses
  • Municipalities
  • Hotel / Motels
    • Extended Stay
  • Nursing Facilities
  • Retirement Communities
  • Food Trucks

Financing Options

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